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Altmann Tera-Player

I picked one of these recently to use as my portable source.  If you’re not familiar with the Altmann Tera-Player, it’s a portable audio player from German company Altmann Micro Machines.  The man behind Altmann Micro Machines is Charle’s Altmann and if you read some of the forums online you’ll soon find that there’s a […]

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Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed

I just serviced one the earlier Portaphile Amplifiers, a V2^2 (read V2 Squared) Maxxed.  This amplifier is a predecessor to the 627 line of amplifiers where  there are three channels (L, R & G) plus two buffers per channel (for a total of 6 BUF634u).   It was powered by a single 9V battery which provided […]

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