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OPA627BP is now the Standard Opamp in the MICRO

I have decided to offer the OPA627BP as the standard opamps in the MICRO amplifier.  These are currently my favorite opamps for the MICRO and bring the performance of the MICRO to a higher level than the previous standard OPA627AUs that I had been using.  My goal has always been to build the best portable […]

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UTDeep of does a review of the MICRO with OPA627s

Just posted this weekend is an excellent review of the MICRO versus one of our main competitors.  The review doesn’t state if he’s using the standard OPA627s or the upgraged OPA627BPs.  I will update this post as soon as I know for sure.  Either way, please head on over to to review the whole […]

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Back in Stock

Portaphile 627X and MICRO are back in stock and a two original 627s are still available from the first batch.  Amplifiers are shipping 7 to 10 days from the time you order.

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Headfonics Review of the MUSES02 MICRO

Michael Piskor just posted his review of the MUSES02 MICRO over at  You can read the full review at Some Review Highlights: “The Portaphile Micro is a genre master type of an amplifier, something clearly setup and intended to work well with a wide range of pairings.  It fills a niche for the […]

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Secret Portaphiles – Frankenamps

During the pre-production design phase of any amps that build I tend to build some amps that don’t make it into the final design.   One such design is a 627X that used the same potentiometer as the MICRO/627ORIGINAL only in a larger case and battery being added.  I sold this amplifier a while back to […]

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Original Portaphile 627

I have been getting some interest lately for offering the original 627 amplifier for sale.   I have decided to offer a limited first run of 10 amps using all original components/pcbs as the original amplifier but with newly in house machined/designed faceplates that will take me a few weeks to mill and send out to […]

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Portaphile MICRO made 2014:Year end Ohmage runner-up

I just noticed the Portaphile MICRO was listed as a runner up for best portable amp of the year at Ohm-Image for 2014.  Thanks Nathan!  Keep up the great work reviewing audio gear over at Ohm-image and  Your reviews always make a good read.  Read the comments and see who Nathan felt deserved the […]

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