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Portaphile NOK aka Nude OverKill RCA Inputs

I have been getting so much interest to include RCA inputs on the final NOK that I’ve decided to make it standard on the final version.  The NOK will have both a 1/8″ mini jack for both input and output and RCA input jacks to allow easier connection to the Chord Hugo via RCA’s.   […]

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Portaphile NOK “Nude OverKill”

Here’s a teaser pic of the inside of the upcoming NOK.  This test board is still missing the gain switch and Vishay Z-Foil “Naked” resistors in the two step attenuator.  Abosolute resolution is probably the best way I would describe the sound this amplifier is capable of reproducing.   The Z Foils are able to […]

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Portaphile NOK aka “Nude Overkill”

I thought it’d be a good time to release a bit more information on the Portaphile NOK.  The Portaphile NOK will be based on the three channel amplifier architecture found on the 627 line of amplifiers.   It will have three OPA627BM followed by six LME49600 buffers, two per channel.  The OPA627BM is the higher performance […]

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