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Portaphile Nokito: The Micro NOK

First orders are shipping this week. Here are some pics of the final amplifier with the CNC machined faceplates hard annodized (type III) in black.

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Portaphile Nokito:

I’ve underestimated the holiday supply chain and will need to push any new orders received after 12/13/2018 to shipping in January.  If you’ve ordered before 12/13/2018 your amplifier will ship by next week but any new orders placed today and after will ship after 1/20/2019.  I will still honor the discount for December on new […]

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Portaphile Nokito Update

Here are some quick pics of the Nokito piggybacked by my Sony WM1a for size reference.  This is the faceplate before heading out for hard annodizing in black.  

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Update on the Nokito

The amplifier boards are done and just need to fabricate the faceplates which are done in house.  Should be another few weeks before shipping but looking at mid to late December.   Will build in limited quantities and there will be a 10% head-fi discount during the month of December on the first ten orders.  Use […]

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Coming Soon: The Portaphile Nokito

The Nokito is coming!  The Nokito is my micro version of the NOK.  For those not familar with the NOK, the NOK was our flagship amplifier and a beast for me to build.  NOK stands for Nude OverKill and I named it that because many of the components found in that amplifier would be considered […]

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Portaphile MICRO Signature Edition with Naked Z-Foils

Kaizen –  Continuous Improvement The Portaphile line of amplifiers have always improved over time.  Whether it’s going from 4 hour run time to the 8 hour run time of the 627, MICRO vs the 627X or going from OPA627APs to OPA627BPs, every new amplifier has taken what’s best from the earlier version and improved upon […]

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The Portaphile MICRO NOK

I’ve designed a new amplifier that will be coming out in about two months.  This new amplifier will replace the NOK in my amplifier line up.  The NOK was a beast and was also very difficult to build within a reasonable amount of time.   I’ve taken some of the main design elements of the NOK […]

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Portaphile NOK for sale on Head-fi

Absolutely no affiliation with me, just thought I’d pass along the link to the for sale post on head-fi for anyone looking for a Portaphile NOK and wants one quicker than getting it from me.   I sent the seller a PM looking for some feedback and he hasn’t responded.  Hopefully he’ll let us know some […]

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