627X – New Addition to the Portaphile Lineup

I am currently working on meeting the demand for a longer running amplifier.  The new amplifier will have a runtime between 8-10 hours.    The amplifier will require  a larger case.  The dimensions of the current 627 are 2.82 x 3.97 x .75.  The new longer running amplifier 627 will be 2.75 x 4  x 1.12.  As you can see, the biggest change will be to the height of  the amplifier.   My original goal was to get something out by the end of the year but now having found a potential battery to use I may have something by June or July of this year.   There are still lots of testing and fine tuning to be done but hopefully I can get something out sometime around then.  To help get something out sooner I may announce a pre-order discount sometime around early April so please keep an eye out on this website or email me through the link here to get on the list.  Expected sales price will be in the 550 to 600 range with a lower introductory sales price for those who wish to preorder.   The new amplifier will be known as the 627X.

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