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Portpahile 627 on Youtube

Just saw this video on youtube…..

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Potaphile 627X Orders will ship this week

All pending 627X orders will ship this week.  Here is a pic of the final version of the amplifier. I will email shipping tracking information when your amplifier ships.  If you don’t receive anything by 5pm USA central time Wednesday please send me an email requesting this information.

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Portaphile 627X Bare Aluminum

I am  still working on finishing enough faceplates to send out to my annodizer to annodize to black.  If you prefer bare aluminum, let me know and I can get an amplifier out to you sooner.  Every front faceplate takes three hours to mill and each back takes one hour.  I hope to have the […]

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Portaphile 627X Teaser Pic

I am almost done finalizing the face plates.  I am doing these in house so bare with me :).  Here is a teaser pic of what the 627X will look like.   I still need to accomodate the knob dimensions but I think you can get a good idea of what the final amp should look […]

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Pre-ordering the 627X

I have just began testing the first batch of amplifier boards for the upcoming 627X and the results have exceeded my expectations.  I now expect to have the 627X available sooner than expected.   I am looking at a three month wait time to those interested in taking advantage of the preorder discount.  Preordering will close […]

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627X – New Addition to the Portaphile Lineup

I am currently working on meeting the demand for a longer running amplifier.  The new amplifier will have a runtime between 8-10 hours.    The amplifier will require  a larger case.  The dimensions of the current 627 are 2.82 x 3.97 x .75.  The new longer running amplifier 627 will be 2.75 x 4  x 1.12.  […]

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Post a Review!

If you own a Portaphile 627 or have some experience using one, please go to the Portaphile 627 product page and click on the “Review” tab next to the “Description” tab to submit your review.  I am hoping customers will share some of their experiences using the Portaphile 627 and posting some comments regarding different […]

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Speakers on sale while supplies last

I currently have the Soundmatters Foxl V2 speakers on Sale.  Please contact me for the discount code to use when checking out.  Limited stock on both models so please order as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays.  

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New Website Design!

I just updated the website design.  Please let me know what you think by submitting a comment below.  I had been wanting to update the website for a while now to allow more public interaction with my customers and finally got around to it.   Customers can now comment here on what they think of […]

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I contacted Mike of a few months back to see if he’d be interested in reviewing the 627.  He immediately told me that he was well aware of the Portaphile amplifiers but had never had a chance to audition one.   I went over the design features of the amp and his first comment was, […]

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