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Portaphile NOK for sale on Head-fi

Absolutely no affiliation with me, just thought I’d pass along the link to the for sale post on head-fi for anyone looking for a Portaphile NOK and wants one quicker than getting it from me.   I sent the seller a PM looking for some feedback and he hasn’t responded.  Hopefully he’ll let us know some […]

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Portaphile NOK “Nude Over Kill” Reviews?

Someone over at head-fi is requesting for NOK reviews at this link.  I’ve received great private feedback through email on the NOK but haven’t seen much posted publicly yet.  Hopefully someone will post some thoughts.  Most of the NOKs sold have gone to Japan and China so reviews might not be in english.  If you […]

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Back Making Amps!

I’m back from my short vacation and ready to make some amps!  Email should you have any questions regarding any of amplifiers.  Happy listening!

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Out Until August 10th

I will be out on Vacation until August 10th.   All pending orders have been shipped and any new orders received while I am out will be shipped in turn after I return.   I can still be reached by email if anyone needs to contact me with any questions or comments.  Thanks for your business and Happy listening!

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Portaphile MICRO on Headfonia’s Wayback Wednesday

I hadn’t been on Headfonia for a few months and decided to check out what was new on there today and realized  that they featured the Portaphile MICRO on a wayback Wednesday back in May 2017.   It’s crazy to think the MICRO was first reviewed by Headfonia in 2014.   I can’t believe it’s […]

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Review Your New Amp, and get a Discount!

I’ve decided it’s time to get some online exposure.   This will apply on new orders received after May 1st, 2017.  Post two separate reviews on two audio related websites and receive 10% off any order placed at original price.  This will exclude on sale items. How this will work:  Order any of our amplifiers […]

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Portaphile NOK “Nude OverKill” Pic

The first batch of NOKs will be shipping this week and here is the pic of the final amplifier.  I’ll try to get some professional pics taken soon to upload but for now here she is in a all her glory.  

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Portaphile NOK “Nude OverKill” Update

Thank you everyone for your patience in allowing me to get the amplifiers designed, built and shipped out within the planned time frame.  I am currently expecting to ship during January 2017.  I am still machining the cases and as I had anticipated early on, that is my bottle neck in producing the NOK.  The […]

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First Listen: NOK aka Nude OverKill

There’s a good friend of mine that does me the favor of listening to my creations from time to time to provide some valuable feedback in the design process.  I’ve learned to trust his ears and appreciate his poetic way of describing what he is hearing.  I’ve asked his permission to post some of this […]

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Portaphile NOK aka “Nude OverKill” Case Rendering

Here’s a quick rendering of what the case is going to look like.  I should have the first one going out for annodizing next week and I should be posting pics of the complete first amplifier the week after.  Things are moving along pretty well.   This pic shows just the case without any of […]

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