Headfonics Review of the MUSES02 MICRO

Michael Piskor just posted his review of the MUSES02 MICRO over at Headfonics.com.  You can read the full review at Headfonics.com.

Some Review Highlights:

“The Portaphile Micro is a genre master type of an amplifier, something clearly setup and intended to work well with a wide range of pairings.  It fills a niche for the price range of $300-500 or so and was certainly one of the best performers at this level.”

” where as the Portaphile plays ball with pretty much any rig you want to combine it into.”

“The Micro is incredibly powerful.  It rivals my ….(other amp)….. in output power, which is an amp that in turn outperformed most every other portable amp of any size that I’ve ever used.  The raw power of the Micro on high gain is more than enough to power most Planars ( outside of the Hifiman HE-4 and HE-6 ).  I’ve found myself rarely needing to toggle high gain on and have noticed that the low gain is not only more than sufficient in power output for my full size headphones like the TH600, but also quiete enough to be used with more sensitive iems without sounding overblown.”

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