Portaphile MICRO Signature Edition with Naked Z-Foils

Kaizen –  Continuous Improvement

The Portaphile line of amplifiers have always improved over time.  Whether it’s going from 4 hour run time to the 8 hour run time of the 627, MICRO vs the 627X or going from OPA627APs to OPA627BPs, every new amplifier has taken what’s best from the earlier version and improved upon it in a new amplifier.  Now the lastest improvement is using ASM2575s Nake Z-Foils in the MICRO Signature Edition.

I started using the Texas Component TX2575 in our flaship amplifier, the NOK and have slowly been trickling down what made that amplifier so great into our regular product line.  The upcoming MICRO NOK takes most of the NOK and shrinks it down to MICRO size.  While I work on that amplifier I’ve decided to offer a taste of what’s to come, the MICRO Signature Edition.

The MICRO Signature Edition uses the recently released surface mount version of the TX2575’s and replaces 18 resistors in the MICRO’s amplifier circuitry.  The surface mount version are ASM2575s.  The main difference between the MICRO Signature Edition and the MICRO NOK is that the MICRO NOK will not have volume control.  So don’t wait for the MICRO NOK if you want volume control in the amplifier, get the MICRO Signature Edition.

Each amplifier will be personally signed by me to differentiate the new signature edition.

Visit the Products page to place an order.

Happy listening!

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