Portaphile NOK aka “Nude Overkill”

Well, I thought I’d let out some more info on the upcoming Portaphile NOK.  The NOK is short for “Nude Overkill” and without going too much into the specifics yet I’d like to disclose that the overkill comes from some upgraded parts that some out there would consider to be overkill for a portable headphone amp.  But, that’s my design philosophy, build it to the highest standards using only the best components available for maximum sound quality with all disregard to everything else, performance first, no shortcuts for longer battery life or mass production.  Build an amplifier that a select few looking for the ultimate portable set-up will enjoy.  An amplifier for a Portaphile.  The NOK circuitry design and components selection has been completed and I am currently working on the final case design as well doing some additional testing.  I should have the final product in 4 to 6 months.  Happy listening and keep checking back for updates!

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