Portaphile NOK “Nude Over Kill” Reviews?

Someone over at head-fi is requesting for NOK reviews at this link.  I’ve received great private feedback through email on the NOK but haven’t seen much posted publicly yet.  Hopefully someone will post some thoughts.  Most of the NOKs sold have gone to Japan and China so reviews might not be in english.  If you know of any posts any where about the NOK, in any language,  please email me some information so I can post some links on the Portaphile.com website.  Thanks and happy listening!

One Response to “Portaphile NOK “Nude Over Kill” Reviews?”

  1. audionewbi August 18, 2017 at 11:36 pm #

    I also hope I do hear from the owners. I know writing takes away from people enjoying their product but it is a small community, sharing is caring 🙂

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