Portaphile NOK “Nude OverKill”

Here’s a teaser pic of the inside of the upcoming NOK.  This test board is still missing the gain switch and Vishay Z-Foil “Naked” resistors in the two step attenuator.  Abosolute resolution is probably the best way I would describe the sound this amplifier is capable of reproducing.   The Z Foils are able to deliver that last layer of audio information that normally gets lost using lesser resistors.  Air, detail and little nuances that add to the realism of what’s on the recording.  The Vishay’s really are able to out of the way of rest of the amplification circuitry and deliver uncompromised sound.  Still need a few final tweeks and am still working on the outer casing.  Two to three months away at most.   Amplifier will have external dimensions of about 4.5″x 3.8″x 1.13″.  Happy listening!

Portaphile "NOK" aka Nude OverKill

Portaphile “NOK” aka Nude OverKill

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