Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed

I just serviced one the earlier Portaphile Amplifiers, a V2^2 (read V2 Squared) Maxxed.  This amplifier is a predecessor to the 627 line of amplifiers where  there are three channels (L, R & G) plus two buffers per channel (for a total of 6 BUF634u).   It was powered by a single 9V battery which provided a voltage swing of +-4.5 volts on a fresh battery.  Because of the lower voltage available, I built the amplifier around Analog Devices AD8610’s where there were three opamps, one each for L, R and G.   It also used the legendary Black Gate NX capacitors in the power supply which eventually resulted in the V2s demise.  When I started building the V2, the best capacitors I could find were the Black Gates but they were already going out of production.   As soon as the limited stock in the marketplace was gone, I decided to retire the V2^2 Maxxed and started working on it’s replacement, the Portaphile 627.

If your familiar with the V2^2 Maxxed, own one currently or had one in the past, please post your thoughts here.  I’d like to hear from you!


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