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If you own a Portaphile 627 or have some experience using one, please go to the Portaphile 627 product page and click on the “Review” tab next to the “Description” tab to submit your review.  I am hoping customers will share some of their experiences using the Portaphile 627 and posting some comments regarding different headphones used with the 627.  Thanks!

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  1. John December 12, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    After reading several Head-fi and Headphonia reviews I finally pulled the trigger on the Portaphile 627. I am amazed at what this neutral-sounding amp can do with low and high impedance IEMs. The 627 has the widest soundstage of any portable amp out there today. Heck, it rivals many standalone, desktop amps. The midrange is the sweetspot. Not thick and syrupy, just the right amount of emphasis and texture. Great natural tone as well. The bass is tight and controlled. The highs are extended but not shrill. I have no problem giving my full endorsement of this amp. Open it up and you will see that Cesar uses high quality parts in the 627. The 627 does what it needs to do and that is great, clean analog amplification while your headphone will do any necessary coloring and flavoring to suit your taste.

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