Reviews Reviews the Portaphile MICRO

….Mids are somehow more flowing than bodied. It has this smooth texture at the corners of the mids that lets it flow than letting the mids be commanding. Bass also has this somewhat musical approach in which it has some sort of lingering fade….

UTdeep does a comparison review of the Micro OPA627 vs another very popular headphone amp at

I liked the Portaphile Micro much more than I liked the…..The pairing with the LCD-X was amazing and it was excellent with the SE846.   Read the whole review at

Average_Joe of reviews the Custom Art Harmony 8 and offers some notes with the MICRO

“….but the Micro delivered with a more 3D and spacious presentation and a slightly better focused presentation that sounded more accurate and involving.  While the differences are subtle, they add another layer to the realism that gets recreated. 10/10”

Dale reviews the Portaphile Micro in written and video formats. Review of the Micro MUSE and Micro 627 03/26/2014 CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW

“…..I say pretty much because I found that Micro is most adroit at running IEMs. Both versions flawlessly drive any single-ended IEM out there. Dynamic range, noise levels, THD, even IMD, remain in tip-top shape no matter the earphone, the driver array, or the crossover jungle. Where that starts to change is when…”

Music to Go! Review of Micro MUSE (In Japanese) 03/26/2014 CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW

“….Although I experienced pop and noise unstability on the startup, the sound quality is top notch. After some burm-in time the difference between 627 and Meses01 comes to more obvious. Muses01 delivers crisper highs and more weight and details on the lower region. More articulate overall the sound spectrum. Some may say it is analytical but I feel the sound signature is not so far from the original 627 version as I thought first. I think this is not dry nor sterile. But anyway original 627 is sweeter and warmer. ….”

Head-Fi Member BucketInABucket Reviews the Micro 627 04/03/2014 CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW

“….After getting over the initial shock of the loud click, I started playing Hotel California, which is my typical reference track for, well, pretty much everything. Well, colour me impressed; this amp is small, but the sound it produces is so amazing that I couldn’t quite believe my ears at first. Dynamics, bass extension, treble extension, mids presentation…everything about the amp’s….” Review of the Portaphile 627.   11/20/2012 CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW

…..The first thing that stands out is that the 627 has a much bigger soundstage which was mind blowing to me. I knew that the 627 has a big soundstage from the first time I’ve listened to it, but I didn’t thought that the difference is going to be this dramatic since the 71A has always been a respectable performer there…….

Average_Joe’s Multi-Amp Review over at CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW 06/7/2012

…. Background bass lines are presented with excellent definition and the right amount of power, yet still remain in the background resulting in better realism.  While some BA driver IEMs don’t have great low volume bass performance, the 627 gives more oomph at lower volumes than other amps giving a better low volume listening experience.  But the 627 isn’t all about the bass; the midrange and treble are also extremely natural and effortless.  Space recreation within the midrange is exceptional with resolution that is a step above the competition.  When a headphone is capable of performing at a high level, the 627 will push the performance level further….The Portaphile 627 is simply the best portable amp I have heard to date period….”

ColinHarding Portaphile 627 Review over at 06/25/2012

….Still using the 7db gain the sound out of the Portaphile 627 is just shy of spectacular (bear in mind this is a portable amp within the context of the McCurdy).  For a quick comparison, I am upgrading a Woo Audio 3 for a friend of mine and even with my mods it is bested by the Portaphile….The sound signature no longer comes through a bit bright but cascades with the energy of a summer rainstorm.  It is wet, emotional, and weighty….”


Some comments with particular headphones:

AKG K3003, on

“Portaphile 627: I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this combination.  It was oh so spacious and lush sounding, but with plenty of detail, making the (other amp) sound small and uninvolving.  In comparison with the other amps, it offers a better, more realistic sense of air within the soundstage, which is larger than the other amps.  Bass is well controlled, punchy and deep.  Treble is extremely smooth and the amp controls the K3003 so well the weaknesses it has are less noticeable.  10/10”  —-Review Here

Heir Audio Custom IEM 8.A,  on

“627: The 627 has a more mature sound with the 8.A than the other amps, bringing out better texturing and to the bass, more space, better layering, and effortless dynamics that leave the other amps behind, including the (other amp).  9/10” —–Review Here

Sony XBA-4, on

“….The Portaphile has this way of smoothing out the treble (not cutting off or rolling off the treble), and filling in the recessed mids of the XBA-4 very nicely…” —–Review Here

HiFiMan HE-6, on

“….But then I couldn’t be more wrong, not only was the power smooth and effortless, but it was also a very nice pairing with the HE-6, and better than amps like…” —Review  Here

DUNU DC4 Custom IEM, on

Review of these headphones and comments using the Portaphile 627 here.

EarSonics SM64 Universal IEM, on

“…The 627 is a bit more spacious in all directions and has a slightly more laid back presentation….”  Review of SM64 using the 627 Here

Spiral Ear SE 5-Way Reference Review, on

“…627 adds a whole other layer of texturing and detail to the sound along with exceptional control and a very good depth…”  Review of the SE 5 Way and 627 Here

Fit-Ear PS-5 custom, on

“…it (627) adds a slight bit more resolution, more dynamics, and better imaging compared to….”  Review of the Fit Ear PS-5 and 627 Here


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