Secret Portaphiles – Frankenamps

During the pre-production design phase of any amps that build I tend to build some amps that don’t make it into the final design.   One such design is a 627X that used the same potentiometer as the MICRO/627ORIGINAL only in a larger case and battery being added.  I sold this amplifier a while back to a customer asking for exactly this combination.  He wanted to get as close to the original 627 design only with a larger battery so I offered him this Frankenamp.  I had noticed the owner posted a pic of it on the head-fi Portaphile appreciation thread but no one noticed other than me and him that this amp was a one of a kind.   Recently I saw this amp pop up on UK EBay and wanted to let the buyer know what he bought seeing this is not quite a full 627X but a one of a kind amp.   Contact me if you’re out there.   Happy listening!

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