Shohin, a new amplifier 8 years in the making – sort of…..

The Shohin, finally, after being announced 8 years ago is finally coming to market.   In all honesty, the amplifier that I had originally planned on being called the Shohin is what the original 627 became.  So, the original Shohin has actually been on the market for while now but it was called the 627.   The backstory is, I had actually given up on designing the Shohin/627 a few years ago and was already on my way out of the headphone amplifier building business.  Then a customer of mine from Japan contacted me about building a better amplifier than my best amplifier of the time, the Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed and asked whether I had anything available.  I explained to him that I did have an amplifier in mind and that it never actually materialized because to build it I would need some up front sales to finance the project and it would take a several months to actually design it since it involved quite a few imrovements over the V2^2.   Well, a few sales and a several months later my original design for the Shohin finally came to market but by that time I decided to call it the 627 so it would be clear that this amplifier was designed to optimize the performance of the excellent OPA627 opamps.   The Shohin name was put on the shelf and now that I have a new amplifier coming out I thought it was time to bring the Shohin name back.

Finally, coming very soon, is the New Portaphile Shohin.


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