Shohin’s dual Mono Amplifier Architecture

One of the things I’ve failed to mention about the Shohin’s amplifier design is that I’ve followed a dual mono approach in keeping each separate from one another.  BUT, I don’t like to advertise it as dual mono because for TRUE dual mono you need two separate power supplies and in a portable amplifiers that’s not much of a choice.  The Shohin uses a single power supply to feed two separate amplifier sections.  See the pics I’ve uploaded of the inner layout of the amplifier’s dual mono approach.   The Right and Left channels are separate from one another and all the circuit traces are as short as possible.  I wanted to implement as much as a point to point approach in designing the Shohin’s resistor layout where each resistor is right next to each other and as close as possible.  Each channel has it’s own opamp and separate buffer, one high end Burr Brown OPA627BP followed by a single Texas Instruments LME49600 High Performance High Fidelity High Current Buffer per channel.



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