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The Portaphile 627 is a single ended, three channel portable headphone amplifer based on the excellent Burr Brown OPA627 Difet opamp.  Texas Instruments lists the application of the OPA627 for “High Performance Audio Circuitry” and that is exactly how I would define the Portaphile 627, as a high performance headphone amplifier.  The OPA627 is usually only used in the finest home audio gear, now you can take it with you where ever you go.

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I have been getting some interest lately for offering the original 627 amplifier for sale.   I have decided to offer a limited first run of 10 amps using all original components/pcbs as the original amplifier but with newly in house machined/designed faceplates that will take me a few weeks to mill and send out to get annodized in black.  These faceplates will be similar to the ones I machine for the MICRO and 627X amplifiers but designed for the curved case I use for the original 627.  In my opinion, these will be step up in build quality to the original 627 amplifiers. 

The Portaphile 627 uses three Burr Brown OPA627′s, one each for the Right-Left-Ground channels. Each opamp is then buffered with two Burr Brown BUF634s per channel for a total of 6 buffers. This allows the opamp to work efficiently at powering your headphones regardless of being large high impedance headphones or small low impedance current hungry earphones. The OPA627 is widely considered to be the best opamp for audio applications and is the reason I built the new Portaphile around this high end opamp.


Three Channel Design, Isolated Output Ground, Four Layer PCB, 3 x OPA627 , 6xBUF634′s, Jung Multiloop Topology, Powered by Single 3.7V Lithium Ion (Battery is rated for 500 Charges), Voltage Increased Internally to over 18Vpp, Power Adapter/Charger Included (5V), Runs 4 Hours on a full charge, Battery charges in 2.5 Hours when Amplifier is charged while off, External Hi/Low Gain Switch (7/2), Small Size (2.836″x3.976″x.754″), Elna Cerafine Caps, Instruction Sheet

UPDATE 6/8/2015: I will be out of town until 7/10/2015.  Orders received from now until then will be shipped by 7/20/2015 and will be shipped in the order they were received.  I will still be available via email should anyone have any questions or comments.  Thanks!

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3 reviews for Portaphile 627 – Original

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    After reading several Head-fi and Headphonia reviews I finally pulled the trigger on the Portaphile 627. I am amazed at what this neutral-sounding amp can do with low and high impedance IEMs. The 627 has the widest soundstage of any portable amp out there today. Heck, it rivals many standalone, desktop amps. The midrange is the sweetspot. Not thick and syrupy, just the right amount of emphasis and texture. Great natural tone as well. The bass is tight and controlled. The highs are extended but not shrill. I have no problem giving my full endorsement of this amp. Open it up and you will see that Cesar uses high quality parts in the 627. The 627 does what it needs to do and that is great, clean analog amplification while your headphone will do any necessary coloring and flavoring to suit your taste

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As an owner of Continental v2, I purchased the Portaphile 627 after reading the review from Headfonia saying that the 627 is even better. Now I have to say I agree with that totally. The soundstage is wide and 3D, and the music is presented in layers. The 627 drives both my jh13 and lcd2 fairly well without hiss, while the continental has annoying background noise when paired with the jh13. Apart from the performence itself, the service from Cesar is also exceptional, he even offered to upgrade the battery connector for free. In all, I would highly recommend this amplifier.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As a new 627 owner I wanted to share my thoughts on this amp in this brief review.

    My listening gear consists of Portaphile 627 amp, Astell & Kerns AK100 DACP connected by Cardas mini to mini cable. Headphones are AKG 702 Anniversary Edition @ 62 ohm impedance. Files are Apple Lossless.

    With the 627 volume knob at the 1:00 o’clock position and gain set to high it is as if you are staring down an abandoned mine shaft, so dark and silent is the background. With classical music the strings seem to come out of this darkness and into the light on wings of air softly touching down around you.

    The more I listen the more I hear each instrument separate from the other as if each has a line in the sand they dare not cross. They reside in their different dimensions front to back and from side to side in a wide array. It’s easy to get lost in this as you can hear subtleties that you haven’t heard before like the vocalists taking their breath and the pages turning on the sheet music.

    You might think I’m getting carried away with the superlatives but the 627 really is that good. What it does for me is it allows me to hear a rich, full musical sound which is neutral and clean without having to crank the volume too high. This and the way the amp separates the music from being bunched between your ears into this glorious wide soundstage makes me look forward to each time I slip the headset on.

    I’m very happy with my 627 and can recommend it if you are looking to add a portable amp to your listening gear.

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