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Portaphile 627X

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Three Channel Design, Isolated Output Ground, Four Layer PCB, 3 x OPA627 , 6xBUF634′s, Jung Multiloop Topology, Powered by a Dual 3.7V Lithium Ion (Included, Rated for 500 Charges), Voltage Increased Internally to over 18Vpp,  USB Adaptor/Charger Included (5V), Runs over 8-10 Hours on a full charge, Battery charges in about 7 Hours when Amplifier is charged while off, External Hi/Low Gain Switch (7/2), Small Size (2.75″ x 4″  x 1.12″), Elna Cerafine Caps, Instruction Sheet



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Product Description

The 627X is the result of everyone requesting a longer running Portaphile amplifier.  To build the 627X, I took the same amplification circuitry of the 627 and MICRO amplifiers, added a bigger battery and went ahead and put in a bigger higher quality potentiometer.  The 627X uses a high end TKD potentiometer.    TKD is based in Japan and is the builder of some high end potentiometers.    The latest 627X now offers USB charging as well.

Big brother to the MICRO, The Portaphile 627X is a single ended, three channel portable headphone amplifier based on the excellent Burr Brown OPA627 Difet opamp.  Texas Instruments lists the application of the OPA627 for “High Performance Audio Circuitry” and that is exactly how I would define the Portaphile 627X, as a high performance headphone amplifier.  The OPA627 is usually only used in the finest home audio gear, now you can take it with you where ever you go.

I mill the front and back panels in  house.  Each panel is milled out of a quarter inch solid block of aluminum and takes between 3 to 4 hours per panel.  The milling work in each amplifier alone is about 6 to 7 hours.  The panels are then shipped out to get Type 3 annodized in black.   Type 3 is a hard surface that resist scratches.  As you can see from the pics, all of the lettering is milled and isn’t silk screened on.    The rest of the case has a nice powder coated finish that  is friendly to stacking.

Get off the Grid by using a portable battery pack to charge your Micro or 627x!

Handcrafted 100% in the USA.

 Please  email me if you have any questions or comments, I will look forward to hearing from you!

Currently out of stock but can be ordered with a wait time of 2 to 3 weeks before I will have stock again.  Orders will ship in the order they are received.

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Weight .40 kg
Dimensions 2.75 x 4.00 x 1.12 cm

2 reviews for Portaphile 627X

  1. 5 out of 5


    When I first listened to this, I sat in my 12 speaker car S500 Mercedes and listened to it for 1 hour non-stop. It’s like everything just stopped and I entered a new twilight zone.

    It was amazing, I would recommend it.

    It is music quality on a different level, I am yet to plug in my Senneiheser 650, I might never walk a alone without my headphones on, wouldn’t they think I am mad then…walking into the shower with headphones on?

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Cesar is always responsive and supportive. I would like to write a review on 627X in return for his good support and such a great product.

    My source: RWAK120 II, RX90
    Music: Classic, Jazz, Rock, Pops especially female vocals
    My owned amplifiers: ALO RX-3B+, New RX, Ray’s Lightning
    Headphone: LCD-2
    BA IEM: ER4P, ER4S, Fitear F111, Westone4, Noble 4, StageDiver SD2, SONY XBA-100 etc.
    Dynamic IEM: Dita truth, SONY MDR-7550, EX90, Keramo, DUNU Titan, EPH-100, etc.
    Earbuds: Gramo one, PK1, VE ZEN, Asura, MX985, B&O 3i, etc.
    CIEM: JH13pro, Noble 6C, CW L02, L12

    After receiving my 627X, I have compared it to other amplifiers and tried all my headphone/earphone collections. The 627X has silky smooth mid/high and make me immerse into pure music without any fatigue and I feel like the amplifier’s existence disappears and only music exists. It is my first experience on the amplifier. 627X does not over-emphasize any edge and low/mid/high, but is wide range, super smooth and very sweet. It works really like high-end audio component. All my earphone/headphone collections have been revitalized. Also, 627X is a kind almighty for very sensitive CIEM to LCD-2. The low gain works for all CIEM/IEMs without hiss, and the high gain can drive even LCD-2 quite easily.
    The LCD-2 driven by 627X sounds so sweet and effortless. Also, I need to add one more comment on the sound stage of 627X. Its sound stage is quite wide and open with enough depth and this is one of reasons to add 627X to even good DAP. RWAK120 II is quite great itself, but with 627X, the sound definitely steps up to the higher level.

    In addition, I am very pleased Cesar adds Tokyo Kouon’s premium potentiometer to 627X.
    It really works well without noise and backlash. I feels like touching high-end audio preamplifier.

    I really love 627X. It is really a top-notch product and worth for money. I am very satisfied with the 627X’s effortless sound.

    Thank you, Cesar, for making such a wonderful amplifier.


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