Portaphile MICRO Signature Edition w/Naked Z-Foils!


Product Description

Introducing the Portaphile MICRO Signature Edition.

I’ve been working with Texas Components resistors lately, specifically the excellent Naked Z-Foil TX2575 that I used in the NOK and will using in the upcoming MICRO NOK.  These are excellent resistors.  The best that have ever been made for audio specific applications.  Texas Components recently released a surface mount version of the TX2575, the ASM2575 in values that can replace 18 resistors in the signal paths of the Portaphile MICRO that take the MICRO to a whole other level of transparency.

This is the exact same critically reviewed Portaphile MICRO now with Naked Z-Foils in the amplification circuit.  18 resistors in total are replaced with Z-Foils.

Each amplifier will be personally signed by me, on the back plate, to indicate that these are MICRO signature edition.

Please allow between 10 to 14 days for your amplifier to ship after placing an order.  Email me at the email links if you have any questions.  Happy Listening!


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