The New Shohin “Can” Amp w/OPA627BMs


Two Channel Design, Four Layer PCB, 2 x Texas Instruments OPA627BP, 2 x Texas Instruments LME49600 High Performance High Fidelity High Current Buffers, Jung Multiloop Topology, Powered by Single 3.7V Lithium Ion (Battery is rated for 500 Charges), Voltage Increased Internally to over 18Vpp, Power Adapter/Charger Included (5V), Runs 5 Hours on a full charge, Battery charges in 2.5 Hours when Amplifier is charged while off, External Medium/Hi/Low Gain Switch (7/10/2), Small Size, Elna Silmic Caps

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Product Description

The Shohin is an all new amplifier built with dual Burr Brown OPA627BMs and dual LME49600 High Performance buffers.   It’s designed for those looking for our house sound but with a bit more of an analytical edge.  The amplifier design is similar to dual mono in that each channel uses it’s own separate opamp and separate buffer as well as having a separate and compact circuit board configuration but where it differs from True dual mono is that The Shohin’s two channels share the same power supply.  So, while it is not a true dual mono much of the benefits of dual mono are achieved in a pocket friendly battery powered amplifier.   Another change from past amplifiers is that The Shohin now has three separate gain settings.  The gain settings are now 2/7/10.

First Ten “Can” Amp Shohin’s will be numbered and will begin shipping by August 30th 2016 and available at the introductory price of 499.00.  After the introductory price, Shohin “Can” amps will be available for 599.00.

Case will be black and both front and back panels will be milled out of solid aluminum and finished in hard annodized type III.   High performance parts used throughout such as 0.1% Thin Metal Film resistors, Elna Silmic capacitors, Alps potentiometer, and a Four Layer PCB.



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