The Portaphile Nokito: The Micro NOK


Portaphile Nokito: The Micro NOK
Three Channel Amplifier Design using Jung’s Multi-loop topology
Cardas Solder, 2xOPA627AM (L&R), 1xOPA627AU(G), 6xBUF634
Single Replaceable 3.7V Lithium ION Battery Rated for 500 charges
3.7V Voltage Boost increases Voltage to >18Vp-p
Dual Gain Settings (Low of 2 (low impedance headphones), High of 7 (Hi Impedance Headphones)
Dual Volume Settings (Low and Maximum)
Operating time of 4 hours between charges
Charges in 2.5 Hours using included Charger
In Package: Amplifier, Mini USB Charge Cable, 2A USB Power Adapter




The Portaphile Nokito is the micro version of our now discontinued NOK.  The Nokito uses a three channel amplifier design just like in the NOK and the 627 line.  It uses two BUF634s per channel for a total of 6 buffers.  The left and right channels use the “CAN” version of the OPA627 and the ground channel uses the SOIC version of the OPA627.  It is a three channel, active ground channel design just like the rest of amplifiers I build.

It does NOT have a volume potentiometer like my other amplifier designs and instead uses a two stage stepped attenuator giving you two fixed volume settings.    The benefit to this is that instead of your source signal passing through a volume potentiometer that colors the sound it will only pass through two high end Texas Components TX2575 Naked Z-Foil resistors per channel.   TX2575 Naked Z-Foils are the best resistors for audio since they are regarded as being the closest thing you can get to a straight wire with no coloration.   You control volume from your source when using this audio amplifier.

The Nokito also uses Naked Z-Foils throughout the amplification stage.    These resistors were designed specifically for audio applications and are considered to be the most neutral resistor ever created. Music is detailed and musical.  Please do a google search to see what others have said about these incredible resistors.



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