The New Shohin “Can” Amp w/OPA627BM

The New Shohin will soon be available with the higher end can version of the BurrBrown OPA627, the OPA627BM.  With it’s Dual-Mono amplifier topology, high end thin film resistors throughout, 20Vpp power supply and dual “high performance, hifi, high current headphone buffers” this is one killer headpone amp that takes advantage of the additional performance of the OPA627BM.  First ten amps will ship out  by August 30th and this and future Shohins will only be available in our traditional black on black cases as our other headphone amplifiers.  First ten amps will be numbered and available at the introductory price of 499.00.  Future Shohins will only be available with the OPA627BM configuration and priced at 599.00.  Visit the product page to place your order. Thank you and happy listening!

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