The Portaphile 627 Micro

Coming Soon, the Portaphile 627 Micro.  The case will measure just 3.13 Inches long, 2.55 Inches Wide and .75 Inches high and it will be the smallest 627 to date.  The current 627 case is 2.83 inches wide,  3.98 inches long and .75 inches high.  It will contain the exact same circuitry, battery and volume pot as the current 627 less one capacitor.  The current 627 uses 3 caps and the micro will use 2.  Other than that, think of it as a micro 627. It will also have a USB charging port to allow you to use an external battery pack and charging with a laptop or USB adaptor (included).  Should be available in 60 days.  Final pricing will be 499.00 and will be available in limited quantities at the introductory price of 399.00.  Please email me if you’d be interested in placing a pre-order to take advantage of the Introductory Pricing.

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