The Portaphile MICRO NOK

I’ve designed a new amplifier that will be coming out in about two months.  This new amplifier will replace the NOK in my amplifier line up.  The NOK was a beast and was also very difficult to build within a reasonable amount of time.   I’ve taken some of the main design elements of the NOK and put it into the size and case of the MICRO.  The MICRO NOK will have a two step volume selector built using a high quality two position switch and 4 Texas Components Naked Foil TX2575 resistors which is identical to what was in the NOK.  It will also be an active ground channel amplifier circuit using Texas Components TX2575 throughout the left and right channels and Vishay Dale 0.1% Thin Film surface mount resistors in the ground channel.  So, both the NOK and MICRO NOK will share the same two step attenuator using TX2575 and Naked Foil Resistors in the Left and Right channels.  Where they will differ is in the (1) Size (2) Micro NOK will have a 4 hour run time (3) OPA627au and thin film resistors in the ground channel (4) and 2xBUF643U per channel.   Price will be about 799.99.  I am taking preorders on the first prepaid 10 with a 15% discount.  Contact me for details.  Will Ship around Mid June 2018. Thanks and happy listening!

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