The Portaphile V2, V2^2 and Maxxed Upgrades

I recently had a customer send in a Portaphile V2 for some repair work and while it was in the shop I decided to offer him an upgrade path.  The original Portaphile V2, V2^2 and Maxxed versions all share a very similar amplification section as the current lineup (627, MICRO and 627X), the main difference being that the V2 and it’s siblings was powered by a 9v battery and limited to the AD8610 opamp in the L/R/Gr channels of the amplifier stage.  The newer amps use a voltage boosting circuit that allows the use of the OPA627s in the L/R/Gr channels.  This particular customer is using his amplifier stationary as a desktop amp and uses an external 24V power supply.  Seeing that he wasn’t using it portably anymore I decided to offer him to switch out the AD8610’s for some OPA627’s.  The upgrade also requires switching out a few resistors and brings the performance up to par to some of the newer amps as long as you use an external power supply of at least 18V’s.  You’ll lose portable functionality but you gain a killer desktop amplifier that’s in a tiny footprint (about the size as a pack of smokes.)   Price for the upgrade is 199.00 plus shipping and can be purchased from the products page.  I’ll send you the  address where to send in your V2 once payment is received.  Happy listening!

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