What’s in a Portaphile Amplifier? Part 1

I will begin a series of post highlighting some of the inner workings of our amplifiers.  First, let me introduce TKD, or TOKYO KO-ON DENPA COMPANY LIMITED  .  Here is an excerpt from the company’s website:

“Tokyo Ko-on Denpa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter cited TKD) was established in 1944.
Since then we have been manufacturing attenuators, faders, precision switches, audio mixers and other audio equipment as well as various kinds of fixed film resistors and resistor network.
TKD is now holding a fairly strong and remarkable position in the domestic and overseas market.
Among others our manual and motor faders are presently used and very highly evaluated by distinguished audio mixer manufacturers extending from D.J. to large mixing consoles for studios as well as lighting consoles all over the world.
Furthermore our traditional precision attenuators are also adopted for various industrial use such as measurement and communication equipment, signals, audio equipment and medical instrument.
We would be very pleased to serve any of you through our high-quality products mentioned above for your benefit and development….”

TKD has been receiving praise for while now for their  high end potentiometers.  They are built to a higher standard than many other potentiometers with improvements such as gold plated contacts.  Someone over at diyaudio.com posted some pics of the internal workings of the same potentiometer used in the 627X, the TKD 2cp-601.   The 601 has excellent tracking and minimal channel imbalance even at the lowest end of the potentiometer.   You get the high end performance along with the excellent silky smooth feel of a high end  home audio potentiometer.  This is the best potentiometer I have found for use in a portable amplifier and is what is used in the Portaphile 627X.  Happy listening!

Links to online discussions/information regarding TKD potentiometers:

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